Bubble Laundry: Chapter’s Founding Member


Abu Dhabi-based Bubble Laundry is first to join TRSA’s new Middle East Chapter. Concentrating on hospitality and healthcare markets, the company provides integrated laundry and textile leasing services solutions covering all seven emirates, with its biggest client portfolios in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

CEO Jorge Damasceno said Bubble and other laundries who join the chapter will benefit from TRSA information-sharing and networking programs in the region, as well as access to TRSA’s online knowledge base of international trends. Laundries here will be educated about best practices around the world, such as the European standards Bubble implements to create specialised solutions that answer healthcare customers’ specific requirements and infection control.

Damasceno told Clean Middle East magazine, “Bubble’s approach to the market is always based on our strong customer service, finding solutions to keep their costs down and concentrating on great service delivery.” The company is acknowledged as the emerging market leader for integrated laundry services to public and private entities, operating the largest commercial laundry in Abu Dhabi and the most technically advanced healthcare laundry facility in the Middle East.

Bubble’s TRSA membership type, Laundry Operator, is open to any entity engaged in textile processing that provides textile services to commercial or institutional customers. The chapter also offers General Operator membership to any business or government entity that operates laundries for the entity (does not process textiles for entities other than their own) and Individual Operator membership to any individual employed by a General Operator.

Entities engaged in catering to, serving, or selling equipment, supplies or services to Laundry Operators may become Supplier Partner members. A student membership is available as well. Also eligible to participate are college students considering a career in the linen, uniform and facility services industry.

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