Chapter Manager Shares Vision of Future Laundry Hygiene

Narayanan Raghavan, Hari Kesavan, Ram Mohan

Clean Middle East featured TRSA member operator Rent-A-Towel (RNT) in its December edition, noting RNT’s role as manager of the new TRSA Middle East chapter, which includes inspecting laundries in the region to achieve Hygienically Clean Hospitality certification. This service is viewed as a groundbreaking step in adoption throughout the Middle East of globally recognized linen service best practices and standards.

The article explains that Ram Mohan, RNT chief strategy officer, and his co-RNT-founders Narayanan Raghavan (CEO) and Hari Kesavan (chief digital officer) brought their backgrounds in hospitality and technology to the business, embracing radio frequency identification (RFID) of textiles.

RNT is promoting Hygienically Clean to its on-premises laundry (OPL) contractors with the goal of certifying all, in part to identify them as the largest aggregated laundries to serve customers in the Dubai region. All OPLs and outsourced laundries there are encouraged to become certified as well. The hygiene connection is particularly important to RNT as its “Dr. Linen” branding (featuring a caricature resembling Raghavan) highlights its eco-friendly antimicrobial linen.

“The certification reflects our commitment to best management practices (BMPs) and our dedication to compliance and processing linens and garments using BMPs,” Mohan said. “TRSA Middle East certified laundries will become the largest aggregated laundries to service customers in this region.” This will enable any hotel property to be served by the closest certified laundry. If that facility must close, the next closest one will do the work, avoiding any single point of failure, ensuring hygiene, quality, and delivery.

We are committed to helping the laundry industry in the region achieve greater heights in terms of revenues and delivering quality to its customers,” he added.

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