Clean Swift’s Marco Oleotto Featured in Business Magazine

Marco Oleotto ENews v2

Insiprezones Magazine has included Clean Swift CEO Marco Oleotto among its “Best Performing CEOs to Watch Out for in 2021.” This digital publication explained his focus on protecting financial performance during and through the COVID-19 crisis and making hard, fact-based decisions.

“He strives to maintain open and continuous communication with their customers about the effect of COVID-19 on the organization and the execution of emergency measures,” the January article says, identifying Oleotto as an example of a business leader facing competing challenges and uncharted waters in navigating the impacts of the pandemic.

Clean Swift, Dubai, specializes in hospitality and retail laundry, with international hotel chains among its most prominent customers. The organization takes equal pride in its status as the laundry of choice for consumers who likes their clothes cleaned with “Italian touch, expertise, quality and tradition.”

Productivity is described on the company website as up to “60 tons daily business with almost 300 employees from different neighboring countries, all skilled and well trained” led by a European management team. In the Inspirezones article, Marco points out that business customers are those most aware of the total cost of maintaining fabrics, “which is hotel-speak for saying replacement costs matter.”

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